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Quick Foodie Quiz 14

Test your foodie knowledge with our quick quiz. Only five questions but quite difficult, we think. Have fun!

  1. What is a cazuela?
    1. A type of tapas tableware
    2. A small ladle usually used for olives
    3. A breed of sheep
    4. A paella without seafood
  2. Which of the following is the odd one out?
    1. Ambrosia
    2. Basmati
    3. Bomba
    4. Carnaroli
  3. From which region does the wine Chateauneuf-du-Pape come?
    1. Bordeaux
    2. Côte d’Or
    3. Pays d’Oc
    4. Rhône
  4. Who wrote Roast Chicken And Other Stories which was first published in 1994?
    1. Clarissa Dickson Wright
    2. Nigel Slater
    3. Simon Hopkinson
    4. Donna Hay
  5. Which of the following sherries is the driest?
    1. Amontillado
    2. Fino
    3. Oloroso
    4. Palo cortado

Check the answers here

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