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Not Delia’s Poll 4 – Do you have and use a lot of kitchen gadgets?

The result of Not Delia's Poll 4: Do you have and use a lot of kitchen gadgets?We asked you “Do you have and use a lot of kitchen gadgets?” and gave you six options, including the “other” option of commenting if none of the defined options matched your views.

Probably unsurprisingly, most of you use at least some labour-saving devices, and almost half of you have a lot of them – though those of us who do have a lot may not actually use all of them very often. Why is that, I wonder? Maybe some of them are unwanted presents, like the infamous multiple sandwich toaster wedding gifts; perhaps some of them seemed like a good idea at the time but turned out to be more faff than they were worth; or perhaps they just get put into a cupboard out of the way temporarily, and temporary becomes more and more permanent.

Buddyboy’s comment about the amount of use being inversely proportional to cost and size is an interesting one. I’m not sure that it’s a universal law (my food processor does get a lot of use), but there’s certainly something to it – I think I’ve used my ice-cream maker about twice in the nearly ten years I’ve had it.

But it seems a substantial minority of us are still happy to cook with just a few gadgets, and some die-hards scorn even those. So for the 15% who can’t afford any more just now, chin up – you can still turn out wonderful meals without them!



Comments are still open, so feel free to join in and tell us all about your favourite kitchen gadget!

4 Responses to “Not Delia’s Poll 4 – Do you have and use a lot of kitchen gadgets?”

  1. Buddyboy

    I find that the bigger and more expensive the gadget, the less it seems to get used. I have a drawer full of bits and pieces that get used occasionally, not often, but they do at least get used. I would be interested in seeing a suggested list of kitchen tools for any semi-serious chef. You see suggestions for basic equipment for the aspiring carpenter or mechanic but I don’t think I have seen the like for cooking. Perhaps there’s a future article there for ND.

  2. Lemain

    I’ve had them all over the years and know what works….boiled-egg slicer, bean-slicer, potato peeler, all 10/10 as a jar openers, etc.

  3. Dawn Patrol

    Hi Delia
    I have the basics. I put a wooden cutting board, wooden spoons and a passed-down iron skillet to great use. My nod to moden kitchen gadgets is my electric knife sharpener- and yes I know my grandmother would cringe. *laughing*

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