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Not Delia’s new look

Not Delia logoHi, folks, this is just to let you know that Not Delia is almost a year old now and we have some big changes ahead.

The site’s current look is based on a free WordPress template, which served us well for a while. But I think we’ve outgrown it now. We’ve also outgrown the site’s navigation system and it’s getting harder to find things on the Not Delia site now – even I have problems with it.

I decided to go for a complete overhaul before the site turns into a complete monster (or dog’s dinner, which is how a friend described one of my other websites).

I got Mark Ballantyne of Eagle Imagery to design a new logo which will be the basis for our new look. I’m really pleased with it as I think it accurately portrays Not Delia’s image – it’s not exactly soft and cuddly. LOL! Also, regular readers here will know that I’m a bit of a knife freak. Poor Mark had lectures almost every day from me about the construction and purpose of various types of knife. But he’s very patient and I would recommend Mark and Eagle Imagery to anyone. I love the new logo!



I expect we’ll implement the changes bit by bit, rather than just flicking a switch. I just wanted to let our regulars know that things are changing!

4 Responses to “Not Delia’s new look”

  1. Not Delia

    Hi Nikki

    Thanks for your comment! The site is right in the middle of a revamp but I’m hoping to get there soon.

    Mark is a terrific designer to work with. I’d recommend him to anyone.

  2. Not Delia

    Thanks, Mark. LOL! Perhaps you could tell Mr Not Delia how lucky he is!

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