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News Roundup

There’s quite a few food and drink topics in the news at the mo’ so I thought I’d do a little news roundup.

Three people sentenced for organics scam worth over half a million pounds

One Food Limited Director Neil Stansfield has received a 27-month prison sentence, while Company Secretary Kate Stansfield and Operations Manager Russell Hudson, both received suspended sentences and 150 hours of community work. All three pleaded guilty to selling conventionally grown food as organic.

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French government announces that moderate drinking is fine

France’s most senior health body has ruled in favour of moderate wine drinking – flying in the face of previous official advice that any form of alcohol consumption is a serious health risk.



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Strictly Come Dancing stars threaten to quit over disgusting food

Famished Strictly Come Dancing stars have sensationally threatened to quit the show – over dodgy canteen food.

The exhausted stars, who are putting in a gruelling 16 hours’ practice a day, have clashed off-air with backstage staff over the food they get dished up, branding it “disgusting”.

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Knickers and rotting food – a scandal of exporting waste which caused a diplomatic row between Britain and Brazil

Exporting waste of any kind for disposal is illegal, and can lead to two years in prison and an unlimited fine. Companies are, however, allowed to export properly sorted plastics for recycling. That is what the Brazilians thought they would receive. But among the rubbish there seems to be only a few bales of the clean, white, crushed plastic that can be turned into useful products.

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