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Magnum Pink and Magnum Black – new for 2015

Not Delia readers may remember that last year Magnum celebrated 25 years of association with Selfridges by launching a special “Inspired by Crème Brûlée” Magnum edition.  We had a fun tasting session with a couple of friends.  So when we heard that Magnum had unveiled two new flavours for 2015: Magnum Pink and Magnum Black, we were keen to try these too, and the Not Delia taste team sprang into action.

The Pink and Black concept is designed to reflect the sophisticated and playful sides of your personality.

Magnum Pink combines delicate raspberry flavoured ice cream and sauce and coated in cracking chocolate with premium, pearlescent pink coating, while Magnum Black contains intense black espresso swirled through a smooth vanilla flavour ice cream, covered in cracking dark Magnum chocolate.

We all have different sides to our personality – sometimes we want to be fun and playful, sometimes we want to be more sophisticated and elegant; none of us are the same person all the time. This is why Magnum – the ice cream synonymous with indulgent pleasure – has created Magnum Pink and Magnum Black; two contrasting, sophisticated and stylish ice creams that reflect the different sides to our personalities. Different ice creams, for different moments.



Combining delicate raspberry flavoured ice cream and sauce and coated in cracking Magnum chocolate with premium, pearlescent pink coating, Magnum Pink reflects your fun, cheeky and exuberant side, helping you express your playful persona.

For when you are feeling more refined, Magnum Black reflects the sophisticated aspects of your personality, containing intense black espresso swirled through a smooth vanilla flavour ice cream, covered in cracking dark Magnum chocolate.

Different ice creams, for different moments. Magnum Pink & Magnum Black are the ultimate expression of indulgent pleasure, and will appeal perfectly to the different sides of your personality. What mood are you in today?

Would we like to try? Of course we would! Here’s how we got on.

First we tried the Magnum Pink

Magnum Pink

We didn’t tell our friends what the pink flavour was supposed to represent, so effectively they were tasting blind initially and relying on their own taste buds to identify the flavour. Curiously, no one got “raspberry” immediately. If anything, the ice cream bar was thought to have a cherry taste.

Just as the crème brûlée had been likened to a chocolate bar, in that case a Crunchie, the Magnum Pink was said to taste like a Cherry Ripe, an Australian choc bar with cherries and coconut.

The chocolate coating attracted some comments too. It was noted that it was thicker than one might expect on a choc ice, and one of us remarked that it was a bit like a Caramac bar.

Going back to the ice cream’s flavour itself, someone else remarked that they thought it tasted a bit like the strawberry cream in a Cadbury’s Roses assortment.

Overall, then, we all enjoyed the ice cream but none of us really got the raspberry flavour as it’s really quite subtle. Personally, I would be happy to eat this again, but given a selection of Magnums, this would not be my first choice.

Next we tried the Magnum Black

Magnum Black

Remember, this was the same taste team who had sampled the “Inspired by Crème Brûlée” Magnum. Immediately upon tasting the Magnum Black, there were various comments about the Magnum Black being nicer than that one. I have a feeling this reflects the tasters’ palates and a preference for “sophisticated” rather than sweet flavours.

Again, our friends were tasting blind as, although they had the visual clues of colour, they were initially unaware of the intended flavour, ie espresso.

The first suggestion was “Vanilla with chocolate ripple?”

Followed by some intense concentration by all of us. Then the first person had a lightbulb moment. “Hang on, it’s  not chocolate… it’s… mocha!”  Well done! (Mocha is a drink consisting of espresso, chocolate and cream.)

This revelation aroused considerable interest because, excluding tiramisù (of course!) no-one had a particular penchant for coffee-flavoured desserts. But this one was different. Here are a couple more comments:

“It’s not sweet – which is good!”

“It’s coffee-flavoured, but not overpoweringly so.”

Overall, this one was a hit – more so than either the earlier “Inspired by Crème Brûlée” Magnum or the Magnum Pink. Personally, I would consider buying this one, but probably only for a change from the Magnum Classic, which still reigns supreme for me.

Magnum Pink and Magnum Black are available nationwide. RRP £3.35 for a multipack of three, or £1.90 individually.

About Magnum

Launched in 1989, Magnum was the first handheld ice cream targeted as a premium adult offer. Today, Magnum is one of the world’s leading ice cream brands, selling over 1 billion units annually worldwide, and it is the biggest brand of Unilever ice creams.

About Magnum’s collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance

Magnum is proud of its collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance recognising the sustainable and responsible sourcing of cocoa. Magnum’s collaboration forms part of a long-term corporate goal of Unilever to source all key agricultural raw materials sustainably. In line with Unilever’s vision and commitment to sustainable sourcing, Magnum sources 100% of the cocoa in its chocolate from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

2 Responses to “Magnum Pink and Magnum Black – new for 2015”

  1. Ted

    The espresso one sounds nice. Have to say Im still waiting for a rum-n-raisin Magnum though. That would be enough sophistication for me lol

  2. Not Delia

    Thanks for your comment, Ted.

    I like the idea of a wish list! It’s difficult to choose, though. I might go for something with butterscotch or maybe Cornish ice cream. A tangerine flavour might be quite fun for summer. Strawberries and cream for Wimbledon? Maybe something with maple syrup for the Canadian market? [That’s enough, The Ed.]

    I do like the idea of raspberry but raspberries have a quite tart flavour and that didn’t come across for me with the Magnum Pink.

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