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Magnum – inspired by crème brûlée

Magnum - inspired by crème brûlée

Magnum, the UK’s premier ice cream brand, are celebrating 25 years of pleasure in association with Selfridges. The “inspired by crème brûlée” ice cream – a limited edition, exclusive to Selfridges – was created especially for the celebrations.

Not Delia was delighted to be offered the chance to try! As it happened, we had invited a couple of friends round on the evening after the ice creams were delivered, and they were pleased to participate in the taste test.

We all agreed that the packaging looked classy, especially the gold “M” on the top of the box. There were plenty of “mmm”s and “very nice” comments too when we started tasting. However, none of us thought it tasted much like crème brûlée. There was general agreement that the bits of caramelised sugar tasted more like a Crunchie bar than crème brûlée. The swirls of caramel sauce were quite subtle, which was good as sometimes accent flavours can overwhelm some ice creams. We also agreed that the product might have been better still with dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate.
The inside of a special edition Magnum ice-cream lolly
Overall, it was a nice treat. I would enjoy one occasionally but I’ll probably stick to the Magnum Classic for most of my ice cream purchases. I recommend you try one if you get the chance.

By the way, Selfridges are offering customers the opportunity to create personalised ice creams at their Make My Magnum Bar until 30 August. There’s also a chance to win a year’s supply of Magnums and a £250 Selfridges gift card. Good luck to any of you who enter the competition.
Selfridges: Make My Magnum website



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