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Latest on SPAM® cook of the year

Back in February this year, I posted about the SPAM® Cook of the Year competition.

The competition is now closed and members of the public are invited to vote for their favourite of the short-listed entries. The lucky competition winner will win a trip to Hawaii.

Crikey, they’ve come up with some real gems. A couple which caught my eye were:

  • SPAM balls of fire with salsa
  • Spamdoori with a mint drizzle, basmati rice and chapatti

Urgh! They sound truly horrible.



Join in the fun and cast your votes here (up to 12 May 2009):
The SPAM Fan Club: SPAM® UK Cook of the Year 2009

2 Responses to “Latest on SPAM® cook of the year”

  1. Luxury Travel

    Of course they sound horrible… after all, they’ve all got spam in them!

    I must admit, I haven’t had spam in many, many years, but I don’t suppose I’d care for it that much if I did try it again.

    What really interests me about spam is that I think I read once that it has had a resurgence since the advent of the internet. Obviously, use of the term was suddenly in abundance (for different reasons) and has been ever since. I would be curious to know what impact the internet has had upon sales.

  2. Not Delia

    Bleaughh! SPAM. I’m not sure I ever had it much as a kid but there was another ‘favourite’ at the time – luncheon meat.

    I think spam on the Internet has created a resurgence in awareness of the SPAM product. I’ve no idea about whether more people are eating it. Remember the SPAM Valley phenomemon? Perhaps the current credit crunch will be good for the SPAM producers.

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