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Hygiplas Multistem Thermometer

Hygiplas Multistem ThermometerWe had a rat in our kitchen – now deceased, thank goodness – and before its ultimate demise it ate through the lead on my temperature probe. (Grrr!) I was going to buy another one the same as I’d had many years of good service from it. Nisbets, however, didn’t appear to sell that brand so I decided on a natty-looking Hygiplas one instead. This was relatively cheap at £9.99 so I’m pretty happy with it. Most of the products I write about for my Not Delia blog are things I’ve owned and used for many years, so this new temperature probe is as yet relatively untested. Perhaps I’ll do an update in 2020 and let you know how it lasted.

Product information

  • Thermometer can be used with liquids and semi-solids
  • Temperature range : -50° to +200° Celsius
  • Accuracy : ±1° Celsius
  • Resolution : 0.1° Celsius
  • Response time : 15 seconds (approx)
  • 1 metre lead
  • Power source : 1 x AAA battery (included)

Did I hear someone ask why they might need a temperature probe? Please see my free food hygiene course, in particular Chapter 6 – Temperature Control.

If you’d like to buy a temperature probe like this one, please click on the picture above (UK delivery only).

Nisbets only deliver within the UK. If you live outside the UK, or want to shop around first, why not have a look at Not Delia’s Amazon Cook Shops instead?
Not Delia’s Cook Shop: UK and EU (prices in £)
Not Delia’s Cook Shop: non-EU (prices in US $)



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