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Find work on a luxury yacht

Explore the oceans while working on a luxury yacht.

Yacht positions provide the opportunity of a lifetime. Yacht crew jobs are about travelling the world, and getting paid for it! A job in yachting brings you the opportunity to set sail on new adventures around the globe. From deckhand to captain, working aboard affords everyone amazing experiences and that wonderful smell of the salty sea air.

Working on a yacht requires a diverse set of skills. If you have worked in a restaurant, manned a construction site, or rebuilt a few car engines, you may find a job in yachting that fits your experience.

CrewNetwork can help with job placement on a luxury yacht. Several positions are available for:


  • Captains
  • Mates
  • Engineers
  • Chefs
  • Stewards/esses
  • Deck Hands

For more information about getting a job on a luxury yacht:

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