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Christmas Food and Drink Quiz (2)

Here’s a quick Christmas food quiz. Only five questions but quite hard, we think. Have fun, and Merry Christmas! If you like this one you can try our Christmas Quiz from last year too.

  1. Parsnips are very popular at Christmas. Which of the following other plants is NOT related to the parsnip?
    1. Carrot
    2. Turnip
    3. Parsley
    4. Coriander
  2. According to David Burton’s book The Raj at Table, given the unavailability of turkey at Christmas, what was the preferred alternative?
    1. Duck
    2. Goose
    3. Peacock
    4. Swan
  3. Father Christmas is typically depicted as wearing red and white. What drink is reputed to have caused this tradition?
    1. Coca-Cola
    2. Mulled wine
    3. Raspberry Cordial
    4. Ruby Port
  4. The quote, “After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives” is generally attributed to whom?
    1. Winston Churchill
    2. Oscar Wilde
    3. George Bernard Shaw
    4. Woody Allen
  5. “Good King Wenceslas looked out/On the feast of Stephen…” The purpose of his errand was to give food and alms to the poor. On which day is the feast of Stephen?
    1. The day before Christmas
    2. Christmas Day
    3. The day after Christmas
    4. The Sunday before Christmas

Check the answers here

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