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Beans around the world – Elite brand

A tin of Elite brand baked beansI’m quite brand loyal to Heinz baked beans – British-style, that is.  The American version is so sweet it would make your teeth curl.  I’ve had breakfasts around the world where the whole breakfast was all but destroyed by nasty beans.  Yes, I’m fussy about baked beans.  But sometimes Heinz baked beans are unavailable or simply too expensive to justify buying them.  We’ve been trying other brands and will report back here.  If you’ve tried any other brands, good or bad, please let us know about them.

The first one in this beans series is the Elite brand, pictured above.  Well, you’ve gotta try and if you don’t try then you won’t know whether you like them or not.  On holiday in Gozo, we decided to give these a go, even though we didn’t hold out much hope of liking them.  To our surprise, they were excellent!  I’m not sure if I’d be able to tell them apart from Heinz beans in a blind taste test.  So if you find yourself in Malta, hankering after Heinz beans, don’t bother.  Just buy the Elite brand.

Are you a baked beans fan and have you found any gems or duds?  Please comment.

PS: Funnily enough, one of the worst breakfasts we’ve ever had actually had beans which were OK.   Amazing how they could get the beans right and everything else so wrong.



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