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Abacus, Siem Reap

What a wash out!  When deciding where to eat, we did a bit of online research on TripAdvisor and on what I had thought was the Abacus’s website (it was nothing more than a picture of a business card).  Hindsight is a great thing, and the following day I found what appeared to be their official website. Ho hum. Anyway, we grabbed a tuk-tuk and set off for the Abacus, which is out of the centre of town towards the airport.

And then the heavens opened.  It rained so hard that we would have been better off in a canoe.  Our tuk-tuk driver donned a plastic mac, battened down the hatches in an attempt to keep us dry and battled valiantly on through the monsoon rain to take us to our destination. When we got there, there was a notice on the gate saying the place was closed for June. Aaargh!

What a waste of time, effort and money trying to go there. To be fair to the Abacus, there is a small paragraph on their reservations page saying that they’re closed from 1-25 June. I just think they could have made it a bit more obvious, perhaps with a big notice on their home page.

Given that we were now in the middle of nowhere in a tuk-tuk in a heavy storm and without a definite Plan B, we simply told the driver, “Pub Street”. He willingly complied. On reaching Pub Street we got out at the first suitable place we saw, The Temple Bar – but that’s another story.



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