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Quick Foodie Quiz 24

Test your foodie knowledge with our quick quiz. Only five questions but fiendishly difficult, we think. Have fun!

  1. What is (a) jimbu?
    1. A paste made from fermented white fish and ginger
    2. A herb which tastes somewhere between onions and chives, and is used extensively in Nepalese cooking
    3. The Swahili word for a cooking pot like a tagine
    4. A type of Japanese garnishing tool
  2. Which company or organisation is most associated with the Tour de Fat event?
    1. The Lard Marketing Board
    2. Weight Watchers
    3. The New Belgian Brewery Company
    4. The Food Standards Agency (UK)
  3. What is (a) charoset?
    1. A paste made from fruit and nuts
    2. A selection of small pastries served on a specific type of platter
    3. The Syrian equivalent of a Japanese bento box
    4. A utensil for mincing raw meat
  4. It’s a US seasoning invented in 2007 by Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow and marketed under the slogan “Everything Should Taste Like Bacon”. It is fat free, low sodium, vegetarian, kosher, and contains “zero calories”. What is it called?
    1. I can’t believe it’s not bacon
    2. Bacon salt
    3. Bacon heaven
    4. Makin’ Bacon
  5. What is crithmum?
    1. A disease affecting sheep’s milk
    2. A type of finings used in the brewing process
    3. A traditional pasty of meat and vegetables
    4. An edible wild plant found in British coastal regions

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