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Quick Foodie Quiz 21

Test your foodie knowledge with our quick quiz. Only five questions but quite difficult, we think. Have fun!

  1. What is ras el hanout?
    1. A blend of spices
    2. A traditional dish of lamb
    3. The Arab equivalent of a delicatessen
    4. An Arabic term for a sous chef
  2. What is aguardente?
    1. A pasta dish like ravioli but less cooked
    2. A type of fork with an extra long tine
    3. A grape-derived alcohol used to fortify Port
    4. A piece of machinery used in wine making
  3. What is a sassafras?
    1. A type of tree – the powdered leaves are used for flavouring
    2. A type of fish – mainly farmed for the production of inexpensive caviare
    3. A breed of kangaroo – farmed and fed on beer and peanuts
    4. A type of cooking pot – the South African equivalent of a tagine
  4. Where did top chef Marcus Wareing start his restaurant career?
    1. Le Gavroche
    2. The Savoy
    3. Aubergine
    4. L’Oranger
  5. After taking his first catering job in an Essex restaurant (according to the BBC chef biographies) whose grandmother is rumoured to have refused to write to him because she couldn’t bring herself to put Essex on the envelope?
    1. Heston Blumenthal
    2. Nick Nairn
    3. Anthony Worrall Thompson
    4. Raymond Blanc

Check the answers here

2 Responses to “Quick Foodie Quiz 21”

  1. Buddyboy

    Having read all 21 quizzes, there was not one question which I absolutely knew the answer. Well, there was one which I thought I absolutely knew the answer but which I turned out to be wrong (What is poutine?). One I had a pretty good idea, and I was correct, is “What is the main ingredient of Bird’s Custard?” It is indeed cornflower, yet I have always wondered why adding water to cornflower (or milk) does not easily produce lumps, yet doing so to Bird’s Custard does. Not getting lumps in custard is a distinct skill which I have taught to many appreciative custard lovers.

    Great quiz.

  2. Not Delia

    Thanks, Buddyboy. We don’t get much feedback on our quizzes so I’d stopped doing them for a while. Perhaps I’ll start again.

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