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Quick Foodie Quiz 17

Test your foodie knowledge with our quick quiz. Only five questions but quite difficult, we think. Have fun!

  1. What is Bûche de Noël?
    1. A French Christmas recipe for a Yule log
    2. A well-known Swiss cookbook with recipes for Christmas
    3. A Canadian pastry traditionally made at Christmas
    4. A Belgian liqueur distilled from birch sap, traditionally drunk on Christmas Eve
  2. What does au gratin mean?
    1. Served with a cheese sauce
    2. A dish sprinkled with cheese and/or breadcrumbs then browned on top
    3. A sandwich made French-style, like a croque, with the cheese on the outside
    4. Garnished with a roux-based cheese and parsley sauce
  3. In culinary terms, what does marc mean?
    1. A joint of meat used only to provide flavour to a dish rather than for the meat itself
    2. A method of infusing fruit with alcohol in a technique similar to macerating
    3. A clear alcohol made from the pressed grapes after wine making
    4. It’s another word for cocotte (a small dish for baking individual soufflés etc)
  4. Who wrote the book Ballymaloe Cookery Course first published in the UK in 2001?
    1. Donna Hay
    2. Delia Smith
    3. Darina Allen
    4. Jeanne Rankin
  5. What is charcuterie?
    1. Prepared meat products (such as sausages, patés, hams, etc) made from any kind of animal
    2. Prepared meat products as above, but made from pork only
    3. Any kind of meat prepared according to French butchery techniques
    4. French salami-style sausage

Check the answers here

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