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Quick Foodie Quiz 12

Test your foodie knowledge with our quick quiz. Only five questions but quite difficult, we think. Have fun!

  1. What is Mascara?
    1. A type of Italian cheese
    2. A wine-producing area in Algeria
    3. A garnish for small sauteed cuts of meat
    4. A Genoese sponge cake
  2. Here are four beers and four countries. Can you match the beers to their countries?
    1. India
    2. Vietnam
    3. Belgium
    4. Finland
    1. Satan
    2. BGI
    3. Cheers
    4. Flying Horse
  3. What is poutine?
    1. A French fish dish
    2. An almond-based sweet
    3. A goat’s milk cheese from Burgundy
    4. A hash of bacon, onions, and Swiss chard
  4. Who wrote “The 30 Minute Cook” which was first published in 1994?
    1. Gary Rhodes
    2. Delia Smith
    3. Nigella Lawson
    4. Nigel Slater
  5. Which British entrepreneur started the Yo! Sushi restaurant chain?
    1. Simon Woodroffe
    2. Peter Jones
    3. Richard Branson
    4. Alan Sugar

Check the answers here

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