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Not Delia’s Poll 1 – What’s your style of cooking?

Result from Not Delia's Poll 1: What's your preferred cooking style?Many thanks to all who voted. I think it’s time for a new poll now, so I’ve closed this one. You can see the results on the right. I’m in the “look at the pictures and glance at the ingredients” brigade, but I’ve been getting back to basics more often recently and (sort of) following recipes a bit more, although I invariably adapt them to suit my own tastes – and what ingredients I have to hand.

I have to admit to being pleased to see that not too many people follow the recipe exactly and measure everything. But I guess those kind of people probably don’t hang out on Not Delia. They’re much more in tune with my famous namesake, Delia Smith.

Even though the poll is closed now, please feel free to comment if you have something to add. Or you could even suggest an idea for the next poll.

PS – You’ll see that we’ve already started our new poll, about restaurants that serve hot food on cold plates. We’ve already had a lively discussion about that issue – if you’ve got something to say, why not join in there after you’ve voted?
A heated debate!



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