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Gourmet Traveller (Australia) Part 2

We looked at the Food and Travel sections of the magazine in Part 1. Now it’s time to look at the Regulars and Features.

Regulars Section

This is absolutely crammed with information and things of interest for the food lover. There are book reviews, restaurant reviews, a master class about making puff pastry (another good one for a photo essay), chefs’ recipes, other recipes, and more. I particularly enjoyed AA Gill’s humorous think-piece where he makes a case for having anti-travel awards, and his top nine of “…Things You Thought You Wanted To Do But You Really Shouldn’t Bother”. Great stuff!

And finally we get to the

Features Section

Guess what? They’ve got a feature on Gordon Ramsay. I respect the guy’s cooking and he does make some highly entertaining telly programmes, but sometimes I get the feeling that even if I was in a remote cave in Bhutan he’d still be there somehow. Is there anywhere in the world where one can escape Ramsay’s ubiquitous presence? If you want more of Ramsay they have an audio video of him on their website (I haven’t felt the need to listen to it yet):



There’s also an interesting feature about eating out in London.

It’s hard to do justice to this magazine in a short review. There’s so much in it. If you get a chance to buy one – and it may not be widely available outside Australia – I highly recommend you give it a go.

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