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Curry Kit Subscription Winners! banner, the experience company with a difference – “Be less boring” – gave me two curry kit 3-month subscriptions to give away.  All you had to do was write a comment to say why you would like to win. Lots of people entered. Thank you. And now it is my pleasure to announce the winners that Wish has chosen.

Drum roll…

Comment #14 by Andrea

My culinary skills are rather rusty
Spice jars in cupboards very dusty
Think the contents must be stale
need consigning to the rubbish pail.

I need inspiration in a hurry,
Madras or Malaysian Coconut Curry?
Time to get my tastebuds fit
Need a prepared spicy kit



PS Should I be a lucky winner, please come and join me for your dinner


Comment #67 by Rhona

I am currently staying with my parents and would love to treat them to a fabulous meal in, cooked by my fair hand. Not being a seasoned chef (far from it!) I need a helping hand to ensure that I don’t poison them :o
Thanks x

Congratulations to you both! I will send your email addresses to Wish so you and they can arrange for the delivery of your prizes.

Meanwhile, sorry to those of you who didn’t win. If you’d still like to get your hands on a curry kit subscription, please see this page. I know, the curry would have tasted better if it had been free, but what the heck. Add it to your wish list for Santa. On which subject, if anyone is looking for gift ideas for the forthcoming festive season, then do go and have a look at what’s on offer at Wish – they have a lot of gifts and experiences on offer and pride themselves on being less boring.

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