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Can you boil an egg?

I’m not an admirer of the Daily Mail, but a friend sent me a link to this story about boiled eggs now being sold in British supermarkets.

Daily Mail: Too busy to boil an egg? Now supermarkets are selling them ready-to-eat

Apparently Delia Smith’s How to Cook book highlighted the fact that much of the population can’t even boil an egg.  Enter The Happy Egg Company, who are now supplying boiled eggs to selected supermarkets in the UK.  And by the way, you don’t even have to know how to peel a boiled egg.  The eggs are peeled by a machine before being checked and sorted by hand.

I was going to include a link to the Happy Egg Company, but after waiting an age for it to load, I gave up in disgust and clucked away.



3 Responses to “Can you boil an egg?”

  1. Buddyboy

    Boiling an egg is simple enough, with or without salt, etc., your choice. The challenge to me is how to peel an egg. Or more to the point, why do some eggs peel nicely as yjough you know what you are doing, while others have the shell crazy glued to the content. If I boil half a dozen eggs, some may peel nicely, others fight all the way. What gives here? Is there a scientific answer? Is there a trick in the boiling that will result in easily peeled eggs? Another challenge for Not Delia!

  2. Not Delia

    Off the top of my head, I’d say that it was because very fresh eggs are more difficult to peel.

    I’ve experienced this “hard to peel” phenonemon too and I guess that all the eggs in one carton may not necessarily be of exactly the same age. For example, I almost always see if eggs float or not before using them. A fresh egg will sink, while an old egg will float. I’ve had the odd old egg in a carton of reasonably fresh ones, so they’re obviously not all the same age.

    I researched it a little bit further and there’s more information here:

  3. dave

    Looks like i’m not the only one to have had egg peeling difficulties, surprised haven’t tried my foolproof way, on the other hand i might not have bought a fresh egg in the past fifteen years. lol.

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